Gas Turbine Power Stations

Discharge silencer Testing facility

Gas Turbine Power Stations
Gas turbine power station GOWA-TT has developed its own filter frame for the filter compartment which is capable of holding both single filters and combination filters of different producers. We use absorption silencers on the suction site.
Each part is adapted to the conditions on the construction site.

We use a special high temperature wool as padding for the splitters on the hot discharge side to ensure fault-free
operation. For the bypass stacks our own internal insulation system is used, that ensures a long maintenance-free
operation. The shape of the silencer splitters, ducts and turning vanes are optimised in order to avoid pressure loss.

Layout items

Layout of silencers with components


1) Filter compartment
2)  Inlet duct with shut-off valvel
3) Inlet silencer
4) Acoustic insulation for ducts and silencers
5) Exhaust gas ducts and stacks
6) Exhaust gas silencer
7) Boiler silencer
8) Combined thermal and acoustic insulation