White storage stain


For the manufacturing of silencers, we often use pregalvanized sheet metal. Some other components  get hot dip galvanization after manufacturing. After galvanization a protective layer will develop over some time period. This will keep the base  material from corrosion for many years. On the surface of galvanized components sometimes areas with white storage stain will come up.  This is a change of the visual apperance which will be washed off after some time in ambient  condition. In the end the appearance will come back to an evenly patina. White storage stain can not be claimed against the galavanizing shops. Therefore we also do not  take over any liabilities in case white storage stain shows up. The tendency for white storage stain development is specially there on new galvanization coatings  and is supported by air humidity or humidity in tight layers. This situation we can find in galvanized  silencers, where Mineralwool covered by glass tissue is facing direct the galvanized perforated sheet. In most applications also the silencer splitters are more or less in direct contact with the ambient air  flow which always has a natural moisture content. Please note our storage and handling instructions  to keep the development of white storage stain as low as possible.